Ballinvirick House was built in the mid-1700s for the Royce family. The estate, consisting of 120 acres, remained with the Royce family until 1919.  After the departure of the Royce family in early 1900’s, the property became a dowager house for the nearby Castle Hewson estate, with Mrs Mary Hewson residing in the House from 1920-1929.

The property then became vacant and the Irish Land Commission acquired the estate and divided it into several parcels of land for sale to local small holders, with the main house remaining on just 16 acres. Ballinvirick was then offered for sale in the 1930’s, when, it was bought by Mr Berty Hunt, who lived there with his family until 1947. The house was then sold to the Dutch Tellender family, who lived in Ballinvirick after the war, until 1955. The Tellender family made some additions to the house including the drawing room bay window, oak panelling, fireplaces and out offices.

When they left in 1955, Mr Tellender took with him a cut stone from over the front door bearing the year the house was built.The McMahon’s brothers then purchased the estate and lived in the house until the early 1980’s. After a period of neglect, Ballinvirick was then acquired by the Cusack family, who initiated the first restoration of the house, which was carried out between 1985-86. The Fleming family have occupied Ballinvirick since 2004 and continue the  restoration of the house today.