St. James’ Primary School, Cappagh

St. James’ school is situated in the townland of Ballingrane, in the Parish of Cappagh in West Limerick.  The school has been a parish focal point since it was built in 1866 and has provided uninterrupted primary education for the locality since then.  When the school was built by the right Hon. Viscount Southwell the building consisted of only two classrooms with the area in the centre of those rooms providing teachers’ living quarters.

The present school replaced an older one which was situated in the “Village of Cappagh” – just a mile or two from Ballingrane.  St. James’ school was refurbished and modernised in the 1990’s and an extension was completed in 2007.

Over many years the school has grown and developed. 139 pupils are enrolled for the 2016/2017 school year.  Presently there are 7 teachers staffed at St. James’ as well as two special needs assistants and a secretary.  The building and grounds are looked after by a part – time cleaner and part-time caretaker.  All school business and  activities are overseen by the Board of Management and The Parents’ Association is very supportive.  The success of the school relies greatly on the assistance of our parent/guardian cohort and of course the good will of the wider community.

Ní neart go cur le chéile.

Cyril Madigan.