A Trip Down Memory Lane

Master Tim Lane(former principal)

Cappagh NS


When I started, Mrs Shanahan was the assistant teacher. It was a mixed school. There were two rooms with living quarters in the middle.

Heating consisted of open coal fires which the teacher had to start each morning. In the evening, the children had to brush the floors and dust the desks and windows. Toilet facilities consisted of dry toilets in the yard.

Inspectors visited once a year. The PP was the manager of the school. A school band was formed in the early seventies. This lead to taking part in Féile Luimní and St Patrick’s Day parades in the local towns. . Our quiz participation had a great record in the Credit Union, Community games and Readoirí, where they won numerous prizes

.At this time, the idea of a Christmas concert was mooted. This lead to a lot of hard work because a stage had to be erected in one of the classrooms. I was fortunate to have great help from the parents . In later years, our concerts took place in the community hall

School concert group 1970-71

In the eighties, we organised swimming classes in Pallaskenry. A bus was provided and a number of children from 5th and 6th classes participated.

At that time we also got help from ICA members, Mrs Baker and Mrs O’ Riordan, with knitting, sewing and art, which was much appreciated by Mrs Mulvihille and myself.

Our first foray into hurling was taking part in the Credit Union league. We succeeded in getting into the final, to be beaten by Foynes. We were more prominent in the football, but due to lack of facilities, we were always runners up in the final.

The teachers in 1960 were Mr Lane, Mrs Shanahan. Later they were joined by Nancy Quinn, Agnes Duggan, Marian Mulvihill, Una Brinkman and Anne Normoyle.

Due to ill health I retired in 1999 after 39 years in Cappagh NS.

Submitted by Tim Lane.

Photo’s from Michael Cregan


Cappagh School 1953/54

Front row:Jimmy Cregan, Margaret Cregan, Mary Cregan, Alice Healy, David Madigan, Christy Maune, Sean Culloty, Tony O’ Grady, John Joe Buckley.

Middle Row; Kieran Cregan,  Mike Cregan,  Michael Bannon, Bernard Bannon, John Cregan,  Ann Barr, Stephanie Hartnett, Joe Cregan.

Back Row:  Connie Maune,  Michael Hennessy,  Eamon Cregan,  Paddy Cregan, Jimmy Lanagan,  James Quinn,  Ann Healy,  Mai Lanagan,  Ann Sheahan, Jimmy Culloty.



Trip to Dublin zoo 1959

 Front row: Denis Maune, David Madigan, Pat Stokes, Tony O’ Grady.                                   Back row: Mike Cregan,  Jack Moloney,  Michael Hennessy,  Jimmy Cregan,  Alice Healy, Christy Maune,  Ann Sheehan,  James Quinn,  Margaret Madigan,  Stephanie Harnett, Connie Maune



Cappagh NS 1957/58

Front row: Michael Bannon,  Michael Cregan,  Mike Hennessy, Tony O Grady, Jimmy Cregan, Christy Maune,                                                                                                                                  Second Row: Pat Culhane, Michael Madigan, Mike Cregan, Jimmy Lanagan, Pat Buckley, Josephine Lanagan, Mary Lanagan, Mary Cregan, Frankie O’ Grady, Ann Healy.                        Back Row: Margaret Cregan, Margaret Madigan, Ann Sheehan, Alice Healy, Kieran Cregan, John Joe Buckley, Sean Culloty, Paddy Cregan, Eamon Cregan