Cappagh Castle, was built around 1460 by Dermott McEinery in the reign of King John. The north side is a strong tower, with an inner and outer enclosure, the outer with turrets at the eastern angles and fenced by low crags to the west. The keep is about 70ft high and is 41ft by 30ft overall. It is five stories high, the third and fourth resting on vaults.  The eastern end contained the stairs, to the south-east the porch and small vaulted rooms

According to legend in 1827, Fitzgerald of Ballyglehane Castle (Hollypark) gave the use of Cappagh Castle to his brother who was unmarried. When the wife of Fitzgerald expressed a wish to live there, the brother blew it up, the day before she was to take up residence. The banqueting hall was used for many years as a handball court by the Cappagh handball club, the ball being played on the west wall. The club moved to the newly-built court in 1969.

The castle is now owned by P J Barry and his family who live in a bungalow nearby. The previous owner was Patrick Fitzgerald, who was an authority on local history. IMG_2372.JPG