The style of Cappagh House would indicate that it was probably built in the 1500s, even though the flagstone at the front door has the inscription 1607. It is said to be one of the oldest houses in Ireland.

The Peppard family, who were the first recorded owners of Cappagh House, came to Cappagh around 1660. They were renowned for their skill in woodworking and a very unique feature of this very stately home was the magnificent staircase with its balustrade of carved bog oak. Regrettably this was destroyed when the house was burned in 1983.

In Griffith’s Valuations, compiled in 1852, Robert Peppard is listed as the owner. The Joint family occupied Cappagh House for a period towards the end of the 1800s. In the census of 1911 F E D Cooke was the registered owner, a widow with a son and a daughter. Her daughter Alice, who succeeded her at Cappagh, was an author of some distinction.  Miss Cooke found it more and more difficult to make ends meet as the years went on. The spiralling costs of running the estate far outweighed her income. When Miss Cooke died on the 25th November 1938, she was almost destitute. She is buried in Cappagh graveyard.

The land commission then stepped in, as the estate was declared bankrupt. The farm was divided among the neighbouring farmers. The house and a small portion of land was then offered for sale. On the 7th May 1940, the new owner Arthur Pearse Pollock took up residence. He sold Cappagh House to Hugh B Brassey on 10th March 1945 and, on the 7th May 1954, the residence changed hands again. The new owner was Doreen Wordsworth. The next owner of Cappagh House was Captain Edward H Pearse, who purchased it on the 14th September 1960. On the 27th December 1983 the house was extensively damaged by fire.

Firemen and neighbours fought the blaze for hours and it was feared for a time that Mrs. Pearse, then a widow, was in the house. This was not so. When Mrs. Pearse died in 1985, the house passed to her son Roderick, who completed the renovation work started by his mother. In December 1986 Roderick sold the house to Michael Morrissey from Limerick, the present owner.