Stoneville house was built early in the eighteenth century. It was used as a hunting lodge by the Southwell family. William Massy, who lived in Cloghanarold near Castlematrix from around 1728, bought the property in 1751 from the Hon Henry Southwell, second son of the first Lord Southwell and mayor of Limerick, in 1750.

The house is substantially the same as when it was built. The roadway from the Rathkeale Askeaton road to the stony man was constructed as a private road early in the 1790s. The stable yard was completed in 1802. The parkland in front of the house dates from that time. It was here in January 1808 that the Rev Henry Massy, at that time Curate of Nantenan, was thrown from his horse and killed. He was aged twenty-nine.

It is now occupied by James and Elanor Massy and family