Cappagh boasted a great history of drama groups over the years. However after several years of inactivity, the drama group was revived in 2017 by Mai Madigan with the help of some like minded friends👌


The first play produced by the newly revived group was ‘Fledged and Flown’, a political comedy by Bryan Mc Mahon. This was performed in March 2017 to capacity audiences. It was super to see Cappagh hall packed, just like the old times, with people from far and near. The cast included, Mike Coleman, Anita Hawkes Lyons, Mike Mullane, Geraldine O’ Grady, Gerardine Histon and Noel Lyons.

Following on from the success of the first year, Mai decided to get more adventurous😜. Following the summer break, she presented the new cast with a challenging, fast paced, new play ‘It runs in the family’ by Ray Cooney. This was a huge move away from the traditional, older style play of the first year.

From a cast of 6, to a cast of 11!!, readings began on 14 Sept, 2017. New cast members included, Rachael Mullane, Kieran Barry, Ita Kehoe, Margaret Stokes and Mike Sheahan. It was a massive undertaking, of a very fast paced, huge cast, especially as our stage measures 12 ft by 12ft😜. Totally undaunted, Mai forged ahead. The play was set in a hospital, so involved the use of a wheelchair and a bed trolley!!!. The logistics and limitations of space seemed insurmountable but no. A miniature trolley was fabricated with the aid of our ever patient set designer, Denis Maune. The trolley had to be small enough to fit out the tiny side stage door but long enough and strong enough to carry Rachael